Battery Saver

The solution that I’ve found to work well is an app (non-pay) called CCleaner. I’ve used it for years with all PC’s and laptops, and an android version is available. It cleans junk files as needed and has a feature for storage(RAM). The app deals with storage as hibernating unused programs running in the background and gives you the choice of which ones to toggle. What I’ve found is that after some time, most of these “services” turn themselves back on, and I have to re-hibernate them. No biggie, but only losing 2% after 3 hrs. is a big plus. Seems a viable solution for the next software update?

I would caution against over-reliance on tools like CCleaner, and integration of a commercial software into the base ROM is unlikely due to licensing.

Try the built-in MediaTek battery optimization tool first.

Thanks for that tip, and I did find the feature (in the phone) with a search for “battery”. It was not on by default so I did toggle it.
Sorry if you misunderstood, in that, I wasn’t advocating a “commercial product” being integrated, but a software upgrade that would allow unnecessary apps from turning themselves on after hibernating, thus draining the battery.


Update: Since my phone is new, I uninstalled CCleaner and did a factory reset. Using the MediaTek setting. Getting 3 days use with it and couldn’t be happier.


Don’t forget to manually update to Sw06 and Sw07, as well. Sw06 especially had a major fix for battery drain, and Sw07 is beta, but seems to work great.