Bluetooth issue in car

I have actually had some off and on Bluetooth issues with my phone. I usually notice it when I’m listening to music in my car. Every now and then the music will stop and on the screen in my car 17 focus. It looks like its switching from pause and play over and over again. I then have to grab my phone and physically stop the music for a few seconds and hit play again. It works sometimes after that, other times it still acts up. If it keeps acting up I just switch it to the radio. I’ll keep an eye out on it but wanted to throw it out there.

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Has this issue changed over time? I mean was it better earlier (maybe right after a reset) and gets worse later? There are some recommendations in this youtube video - we have the “Bluetooth” and “Bluetooth Midi system apps”.

I could see it slowly getting worse. When I get home tonight i’ll clear the caches.

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