Bluetooth range extension

Hey all! I’ve been vary happy with my teracube for the most part. The only real let down on an otherwise great device is the short blue tooth range. Does anyone know if there is a way to extend or amplify the signal? Is it possible that a software update will improve this or is it a hardware issue? Thanks!

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Could you clarify what Bluetooth device you are using, indoors or outdoors usage and approx what range are you getting?

Thanks for getting back to me- I really appreciate your dedication to your customers satisfaction! I’m mostly using various speakers both indoors and out. I’m getting probably about 30’ which is the range you told me was to be expected via email a few months ago. It’s just that it’s a fair bit shorter than the average I’m used to with other devices so I was curious if there was any way to improve on it.

Yeah - 30’ is about right for Teracube. I’ll take that as a feedback for us to work on in future devices.

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This claims to be able to be able to increase to 265ft or 80m


Thanks sorry for abandoning my thread! Sharad It wasn’t my intention to offer feedback or criticism here but I suppose I would say that is an area where there could be improvement if indeed it is hardware and there isn’t a software solution, which sounds to be the case. Thanks again!

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