Bought T2e on Amazon last night

Emailed Teracube just now:

"I so look forward to you expanding your line, fancier phone options and accessories, laptops, tablets, (hmm, smartwatches are too small for most people to manage modules). Have you seen “The Tricorder Project”? (new user cannot post links) or the simplest sophisticated microscope using a cellphone as a display and recorder? Can’t find the link… AH HA! “Diple” (new user cannot post links)

I love 1) ingenuity and 2) people with the skills to use what is available to create what they want, and 3) the concept of adapting yourself and your needs to the environment rather than adapting the environment to meet your needs.

I ordered your phone last night and I already love Teracube and the hearts and minds behind Teracube,


Oh, I am unemployed, just a thought. ;)"

Why am I telling you? Web search “Tricorder Project” and “Diple” and, I think the email is a “feel good”, somethign we can all use anytime.


My phone arrived early Monday 3/22 (or was it late Sunday?) in an Amazon box much bigger than a phone. And, the Amazon box was wet from rain! But the Teracube box inside was dry. There was no way this skinny little box had a phone and a charger and a cable and earbuds and instruction manuals and warrenties and advertising.

No, just a phone. WIth the case already on the phone. And a screen protector already on. I like this. I really like the screen protector already on. There were no air bubbles trapped under the screen protector.

As for all that other stuff that did not come with the phone, I have several cables and power adapters and earbuds from old phones, past incarnations of “my phone”. The instructions were enough and warrenties are time consuming, cumbersome and rarely bear fruit - “not covered under warrenty” or “warrenty expired”. Advertizing? I can look things up on the internet, really, I can. Thank you for not giving me what I don’t need. Eloquent bow

It was easy to peel off the case and remove the battery to slide in my new SIM card and old memory card. Might as well keep my old SIM card in the other slot. And, it was easy to use Google to port all my stuff from my old phone over to my new phone.

Google wants me to have an Assistant. No. Google wants to help me set up my phone. What? Everything I want is set up the way I want it set up. I never eyed Google suspicously before.

Today, I noticed the (dark) phone case has little, white or tan flecks in it, like seeds or bits of dried grass. After the phone case wears out, can I throw some dirt on it to make it sprout? Are they grass seeds, berry seeds or flower seeds or…

So, job well done People of the Teracube. All hail the Teracube!


(did you get a new SIM card w the phone? I didnt! I had to swap my old SIM card, of course, but … a new one? wouldn’t that be nice…)

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I found out T-Mobile was now, finally, available in my area. I bought (LG V20 H990N) a dual SIM phone that could use both GSM or CDMA networks. But, the guys in the local T-Mobile store said was “too old” for either T-Mobile and the third party Verison store, Selectel, said the same thing.

T-Mobile customer service over the phone said “Yes, that phone will work on our network” And they mailed me a SIM card. It was a struggle, with T-Mobile customer service to get that phone to work, sometimes.

I had to reset settings and reestablish connection each time I made a call or sent a text. I gave up and went back to looking for a phone that would work on T-Mobile networks. That is when I found and bought the Teracube 2e phone. I put the T-Mobile SIM in and the phone worked, immediately. What a relief.