Bugging out and turning off by itself

First time it happened right now but I was in the settings trying to get the update (in which I followed step by step and it still didn’t work) and then all of a sudden the phone turned off then I quickly tried turning it back on but the face recognition didn’t work and so I used my fingerprint and it was bugging out for 5 more sec. until it went back to normal.

Could you try applying the update again. What issue did you run into while installing it?

I followed step by step and when it came to when it says press the download button in internal it said the their was no zip file. I think I have to take out my sd card and try it again

Yeah - try without the SD card. Although the card in the phone should not matter unless you downloaded to the SD card specifically. Is your downloads associated with SD card somehow?

So I was able to apply the update but now I’m seeing that the face recognition is gone is that correct and why I really liked that feature will it be back

Also the camera is now talking photos and filming uppside down.