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This isn’t a Teracube issue, but I was hoping you guys could help me understand. From what I understand. Google, killed the recorder API a good long time ago. Now, from my understanding, they are killing the workaround which apps were using (the accessibility API) for that purpose, but google’s own dialer will record calls on certain phones in certain locations. I understand that it allows the Samsung Gallaxy 22 to record calls. So, I’m confused. Do phone manufactures now need to pay for that API or how is it recording when the Teracube can’t. Again, I know this isn’t your issue, but I would like to know how and why there are phones that can when all others can’t. It’s legal for me, in my location, and I used to record all calls with companies, and it’s saved me on occasion.


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Well, I understand now that the phones that allow this are regional via CSC? Can you guys let us know how to change that, would that work to add call recording or again, does it only work for Pixel and Samsung Galaxy 22s?

Here is a tutorial for the Samsung

As per my understanding, changing CSC is telling the phone that you are in a different region than where the phone was purchased from.

Not sure how to get that going or even how to find the information. Your best bet might be to run a custom rom or something similar.

Yes, the CSC guide is for setting it to a location that google doesn’t restrict call recording. Do you know if the google dialer allows call recording on the Teracube at any location?

On the guide, he set it to Thailand for that feature. It’s legal where I am (1 party consent) but it’s locked in all of U.S. (I think). Would you be able to give us a guide on how to change the CSC?

Well, CSC may only be pertinent to Samsung phones. I haven’t found anything about it on a non-Samsung android phone. I’m still confused, but I think it’s Samsung that updates the phone with the call recording feature, if the CSC is correct for it. (be happy for further input/correction) but I’m guessing unless you guys have access to the dialer with call recording, we’ll not see it. No matter where we purchased, or use the Teracube.

Again, please correct me or explain if you are “in the know”. I’m just guessing.

I found the same thing - CSC is a Samsung feature. And yes - we are not able to support call recording. Not sure if rooting can help.

Thanks @Sharad, I’m still confused on google’s policy.

It seems call recording (in certain regions) is available from the Google dialer, only on certain phones, (Pixels or certain Samsung models). I can’t for the life of me, understand how they would justify that. I may try and ask on the xda forums.

just fyi, I believe, I changed my region via a vpn and payment method, but no joy. From what I’ve read, the phone had to have that version of the dialer to start with. I think, Samsung’s re-image their phone or switch ROMs (a wild guess, at best) when the region is changed.

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