Camera and flash always on problem

Hello, I’m trying to understand something about my smartphone: when I want to take a picture I can set flash always on, but when I take a picture it shuts down and then it flashes. I tried different apps, and they all behave the same. My mum’s phone (OnePlus Nord) doesn’t behave like that: is this something that can be changed? My device is rooted.

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Can you describe the behavior better? Your phone turns off when you try to take a picture?

Did this happen under the non-rooted original firmware as well?

I’ll try to rephrase it: I activate the flash always-on feature, the light stays on until I take a picture, then it turns off briefly, and then turns on again (the picture is taken with the flash). So it behaves exactly as when you turn on the flash: it flashes before taking the pic. I’d like to always be on, without turning off and then on again. So the pic is taken and the light remains on all the time. This behavior always happened.

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I have a teracube 2e with iodé. The default camera app has many features, but not a “Flash on” option. Iodé has also a fork of the LineageOS Aperture camera app via F-droid download and this has a “Flash on” option, and it works fine.

Also, the thing is: don’t activate the Flash via the phone, but via a camera app. Search for a camera app with a “Flash on” option.

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As I said I’ve tried many apps: ProCapture (bought on the Play Store) and Open Camera, they all have the always-on option and they all behave the same way

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I think this might just be a limitation of the Android imaging API, especially if every app behaves this way.

I am assuming video + always-on light behaves properly, right?

Yes, the video behaves fine (when hitting the record button it turns off for a sec and then stays on for the entire duration of the video)

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