Camera and flashlight not working

Finally, after 8 weeks of waiting, I got my replacement phone. Except the flashlight will not work, though the front flash works. And I can’t get the camera to turn around, it won’t respond when I go to tap “more”. I can’t check to see if the light on the back on the phone works because I can’t flip the camera.

Hi @astrophelle - can you check if the flash and camera are working in Safe mode (howto).

I have checked, it’s not working in either mode.

I have similar problem.

Flashlight is ok. Camera not so much. Camera set to selfie mode, can’t take photos or switch to other camera. Same in safe mode.

Did you have any luck with yours?


Nothing yet, tried soft resets, factory resets, safe mode, updates (at first the phone would not update to Android 11, just stuck on 10). The flashlight is reading that the camera is occupying the flashlight, but camera definitely isn’t working. I’ve tried force doing it as well, to hopefully trigger the flashlight, but that didn’t work either

This seems like a hardware fault. Unfortunately, we might have to ship you a replacement unit again.

So how would we proceed? I haven’t shipped the original broken phone yet. Should you ship the new replacement, and then I ship both phones back to you together?

Our UPS process is fixed now. So the team can help you with a UPS store replacement.

That would be great. But the location from last time is not the ideal. How can I change that?

We can find a closer or alternate location for you. If you have a specific UPS store in mind, then you can share its address in the email.

Alright thank you. Please let me know if there’s anything else I can do. Will the UPS store be able to send back both replacement phones, out should I send them separately?

How do we move forward?

Please continue the email conversation with the team - they will be able to assist in setting up the UPS swap. You can return one of the units with UPS. For the other unit, we will give you a prepaid return label.

Ok, I hadn’t heard anything in a few days and haven’t gotten any sort of email to stay the process.

How do I get that email conversation started? I never got anything from them, and I’ve emailed support 7/29, I think it was.

Have asked the team to handle it asap. If you don’t mind, could you schedule a call with us as well -

So I did, and my appointment time had come and I’ve not gotten a phone call, or an email with a reason why.