Camera app

I accidentally deleted my camera app. Where can I get the current version?
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Are you sure the camera app is missing? Default camera app is a factory app and you should not be able to remove it. I just checked - couldn’t find any way to uninstall it.

Can you check under Settings > Apps & notifications. Is the Camera app listed there? Maybe it got disabled?

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Thank you for your reply.
I did what you said and it is there.
But I cant find it. at the ‘home’ screen ‘Scroll up’ (finger movement) to see the list of all apps (search apps) and camera is not listed.
Where else can I find it or open it?
Thank you

Did you check if the app was disabled?

Could you take a screenshot of your list of apps (at least till the point where Camera app should be).

Are you using a 3rd party launcher other than the default one?

Here it is


Here is a better pic

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To my knowledge I am using the default launcher

This is a bit bizarre for sure. Camera app does not seem to be disabled and yet is missing from your launcher. Can you try few things:

  1. Goto Settings > Apps & notifications > See all apps. Change top filter from “All apps” to “Disabled apps”. See if the Camera app is there. If yes, check if there is a way to re-enable it.

  2. Install a 3rd party launcher like Lawnchair 2, Microsoft launcher or Nova. See if they show you the camera app.

  3. Clear your cache.

  4. If nothing else works, then Backup and factory reset might be the only way.

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Installing the firmware may also help restore the app as well.

1 - no disabled apps
2 - Lawnchair2 does not see camera either
3 - I cleared cache last night, no camera

How do I do that?
Is that better than factory reset?

The only thing clear cashed seemed to do I’d the force stop button is enabled.

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Factory reset literally reset your phone to the original state. I would suggest you try to install the S01-07 software again first. The factory reset should only be used as the last resort.

Here is the step to try for installing the software:
1/ Please download the S1-07 software from here to your /Download folder.
2/ Goto Teracube’s Settings | System | Advanced | About phone | Wireless Update
3/ From there, click the top-right menu option (shown with the 3 dots) and select Local Updates
4/ Select Internal storage and navigate to your Download folder where you downloaded the software update.
5/ Select the software update file (.zip) and go through the steps to update the phone.
6/ The phone will reboot itself at least once and the process may take several minutes.
7/ Once the phone is fully rebooted, please check to see the Camera App icon is fixed.


in progress now. I will keep you apprised and Thank you

Sorry no luck. Ugh. Thanks for helping.

Backup and factory reset is the way to go then.