Camera lens screen protector

Hi all several people have asked about this as I ordered two one from banggood one from Amazon the banggood one just arrived. It fits it is a tiny bit smaller than the outside edge just like a front screen protector. It will make the camera stick out more but just a hair. I have not attached it yet will do that later this evening

Do you have the Link?

Hi the banggood one is no longer available but the Amazon one is identical as it was for the oppo r15 dream. I have considered trying a case for it as it is close but the power button and volume controls are not quite in alignment. But that’s off topic. Lol

Rear Camera Lens Tempered Glass Film 0.3mm 2.5D Round Edge Rear Camera Lens Tempered Glass Film for Oppo R15 Dream

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I also ordered this to test I am working out of town again next week so will not be able to let you all know till then.
(Pack of 4) iPhone 7 Plus 8 Plus Camera Lens Protector, Akwox Ultra Thin 0.2mm 9H Hard Tempered Glass Camera Lens Protecive Protector for iPhone 7 Plus,with Anti-Scratch,Dustproof,High Transmittance

Also trying this.
Yes it’s for the iPhone but it’s the metal edge cover I suspect it’s darn close. The other parts in the pack are of no use but the camera part I hope fits.
Dust Plug Set- Rear Back Metal Camera Lens Protective Case Cover with Home Button Sticker for Apple iPhone 7 Plus - Silver
kwmobile 3in1 Set: Smartphone dust Protective Set - Protective Stopper Compatible with Apple iPhone X

Will update Thursday or Friday

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