Camera photo quality

Was wondering if anyone else has used the camera since the update. I can’t say for certain the image quality was better before the recent update, but the image quality now is shockingly bad when taken through Hangouts. It’s not as bad when using the default camera app, but it’s still pretty blurry…

Just checking to see if anyone else has experienced this.

Hi do you have the anti-shake option on in the camera app. I have done pictures through Facebook and they were good, the anti-shake is not on by default. Go to the camera app open it. You will see in the top left corner a gear (Menu) click it . The anti shake option is at the top. Turn it on. This made a huge difference for me for picture quality. Hope this helps

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Could you post a decently lit picture? Is the camera able to focus (tap the screen where you want it to focus).

The anti shake made a huge difference, thank you!

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Yea, it focuses okay if the lighting is good, I guess I took how good my LG V20 is in low-lit environments for granted…

This is with some lights turned on in my living room, but not all lights turned on all the way.

The pictures still come out pretty terribad unless I have really strong lighting.

Any software enhancements that can be made here? I’m using the stock camera. Has anyone had better luck maybe using a different camera app?


I’m waiting for Android 10 to try and get Googles Camera Software.

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Yea, I was shocked that they didn’t have anything official in the play store.