Camera Settings

I need some help understanding what the following settings are/do:

And more info on the Night and AI Scene modes, so I can know how best use them.


ZSD is zero shutter delay. In other words, upon pressing on the shutter, the camera app will take the picture immediately regardless of the status of the image focus. For example, if you installed the Open Camera app from Google Play Store, it doesn’t have the ZSD capability. Each time you press the shutter to take a picture, it takes a moment to make sure the focus is set correctly before the photo is taken. ZSD is useful for taking fast moving, sports photos but at the expense of potential out-of-focus photos.

Anti-flickering is really anti-banding. For example, if you have a lamp going at 60 Hz for your light source (florescent light in US, for instance) and your shutter speed doesn’t match the frequency, you can see banding on the picture, flickering in a video. For outdoor lighting, off is best. For indoor lighting, set it to the matching frequency of your country’s power line frequency (US, 60Hz), or you can just to Auto.

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