Can you edit the menu?

Is there a way to edit the menu or you download thing and it arranges how it wants and you have to deal with it? I have most things on the first menu but I when I need to get to something that’s on the second one (the one you have to slide up to get to) y get lost with all the different thing I have, if there was a way to edit that menu and have everything more organized that would be nice

Yep, there are tons of Launchers. I prefer Microsoft Launcher myself

There are multiple options for this:

  1. In the slide up menu of all apps - you can drag your favorite apps to the homescreen (you can create new homescreens towards right side too).

  2. As @Saijin_Naib pointed out, you can install other 3rd party launchers. Popular ones include Nova launcher, Microsoft launcher and Lawnchair 2.

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