Canadian Stock?

Hi there,

I’ve been on the waitlist for a replacement screen in Canada since April! I’ve finally managed to source one while travelling in the states. But there are other issues with the phone and I need to replace the mainboard (the antenna connector just ripped off the PCB when I was disassembling, oops). I don’t think this is an option. And now I see the whole phone is just out of stock.

What’s the scoop?

My hope was to make this thing last, but I’ve been a klutz. So I wouldn’t mind just buying a new one to support the company, but that doesn’t seem to be an option anymore…

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Sorry for the frustration around this.

Let me upstream this to the team so they can check and fix stock.

That would be amazing (replying so I get notifications if there’s a response, and to add to the OMG PLEASE list…)

I bought a second-hand 2e (2020 model) a year ago - the battery is starting to show its age, and the case just cracked. It’d be grand to be able to put in one order, and get those and a new screen protector.

I should be on the email queue for the battery and screen protector - the case JUST broke this week.

Maggie in BC

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I’ve let the team know, but I don’t have any news to share quite yet.

Please bear with us.

Hello -
I dutifully signed up for updates on Canadian stock in June. Now it’s November, there’s no news, and my phone battery is dying.

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I’m using an old borrowed phone from someone as a spare, and my teracube is just a wifi device at the moment. This isn’t going to work for me much longer. I’ve already had a bit of a back and forth with support about the replacement parts, or even just buying a new phone, but it doesn’t really seem to have gone anywhere useful. The Canadian shop has been out of stock of screens and parts for months, maybe even a year? Unsure how long full phones have been out of stock.

It seems I’m not the only one in Canada with one of your phones.

@Sharad , sorry to tag you here, but this needs some attention from you. I don’t know about the others, but at this point I’m starting to consider different phones. I’ve waited long enough!

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@mthomas - thanks for bringing this up. We are expecting to have new phone stock by Jan-Feb. Parts should be sooner though - I’ll get that prioritized.


I’ve received an email from support saying batteries should be available in Canada in 3-4 weeks. This is good news.


I try to buy a new case as mine starts to crack/degrade but the website doesn’t accept my Canadian address. The address is found in the auto-completion drop-down but it keeps saying it can’t deliver to this address. It’s in Montreal city/Quebec, is it me doing something wrong? Thanks!

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What region Store are you using?

If a certain address is serviced by a given store, say Canada, you can not use another regional store to shop with.

Well, I canceled the cart and re-added the item and it was prefilled with my address & info and this time no “cannot ship at this address”.
If I select the Canadian “shop” there are only 2 items (phones) so I have to select “spare parts” in the bottom of the page and then I can select the case. I hope this is a valid method to buy parts from Canada! :slight_smile:

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Haaaa, I bought a “battery cover” instead of a “black biodegradable case”, they look the same… I send an email to cancel the order…

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@sharad In :canada:, ordered spare/new battery, & received it in a timely way today.
Hope to hang on to this neat sustainable phone for awhile :relaxed::pray:


Got mine today too. Thanks Teracube for not forgetting us Canadians!


Sorry for the delays with allocating stock!

Never forgotten :sunglasses:

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Ack - I tried to avoid the possibility of stupid-cold, so of COURSE we had an insanely warm December…

I just checked, and everything I was going to order is out. FML… lol.

I guess I’ll keep checking the site. I snoozed on it… It’s still manageable, but I do NOT have all-day battery life.

Maggie in BC

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Have a list of things you were looking for so I can poke the folks who keep stock to make sure things are on order?

Same as up-thread.

Battery, screen protector, and case…

Preferably all at once, so I don’t have to pay shipping multiple times.

Battery is out, green case is out (but I can get the black), screen protector is out.

I’ll try to check back more often - going to need a new battery before summer… I’m getting by with battery banks as backups, but I don’t get a full day on standby, even when I don’t USE the phone.

Maggie in BC

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I’ll ping the team and ask them to ensure restock includes this items!

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I just checked again, and all 3 are out (still, or again, no way to know), in the Canadian store. Now that Spring is ‘theoretically’ around the corner, even though I still have snow and temps below freezing, I really need to get that ordered.

Battery is definitely getting a workout, because my cable modem just died, so I’m tethering to my mobile account right now.

Thanks for any updates,
Maggie in BC

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