Car connection media scrambled

I have now seen several times in which the car media screen showed only scrambled lines. Unplugging/re-plugging fixes it.
But I don’t know any more about why.

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Could you clarify what kind of car system this is and connection type (wire or Bluetooth) ?

In a 2017 VW Jetta GLI, would have to check the head unit, but it is stock for the vehicle.
USB connection to the vehicle, display in the stereo head unit and not on the phone during usage.

That is how Android Auto works. Everything is on the radio screen and the phone screen is off. You can’t utilize the phone when running Android Auto.

Unfortunately I don’t even get scrambled lines. It will show as connected for about 1-2 seconds then goes away.

the head unit is a Discover Media premium unit, stock on 2017 VW Jetta GLI.
VW part# 5C0035684B
Hardware: H31
Software: O359

I don’t usually get the scrambled lines on the radio screen, usually it has been working.
I have gotten the scrambled lines on the screen about 4 times, the last time while it was playing Pandora still. Each time for me, pressing buttons or radio power had no effect, and unplugging the phone and reconnecting fixed it.