Cases made specifically for the Teracube

Hi, I just wanted to let you all know that Hand and Hide is now offering custom-fitted leather cases for the Teracube. We strongly support the core values of Teracube and we feel our cases share some of those values. You can see more here: Thanks!

Jeff (owner)


Wow, this is awesome! Thanks! Although, 99.00 is a bit steep I would say it’s worth the investment. I will order it next time I get paid.

Thanks! I can offer a 10% discount for you - use the code ‘nomad’. Cheers,



I’m trying to find out where to put the code in checkout.

You have to get all the way to checkout

Wish they made a hard case. I can never get use to a folding wallet case. Hopefully more affordable alternatives come out soon also. I already had to use my warranty lol.


yes would love more case options.
Also I do not buy leather anymore.

Seconding not using the wallet case. I’ve used one in the past and it just doesn’t work for me personally (although I love the convenience of less wallet carrying, which means more snacks in my purse and one can never go wrong with more snacks).