Cellular signal lower on T1 A10 than A9

Anecdotally, I’ve always had weaker cell strength on AT&T on my teracube one versus my wife’s iPhone, which we notice especially during power outages where she can access cell data and often I can’t load web pages.

Since upgrading to Android 10, my weak cell signal now dropped to no cell signal (also showing a triangle with an x) and I can no longer complete phonecalls, even within range of my home wifi. Seeing these reports, in combination with the fact that as an AT&T customer I may be forced to find a new phone anyways, now sooner than later now that I cannot use the device as a phone. I’m contemplating trying to take it back to previous version, but with the other imminent concern I’m getting back into the market. I am totally open to suggestions and will be lurking in this thread for any updates.

Hi all - Devs are checking this issue as a high priority. Will report back soon.

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