Cellular signal lower on T1 A10 than A9

Anecdotally, I’ve always had weaker cell strength on AT&T on my teracube one versus my wife’s iPhone, which we notice especially during power outages where she can access cell data and often I can’t load web pages.

Since upgrading to Android 10, my weak cell signal now dropped to no cell signal (also showing a triangle with an x) and I can no longer complete phonecalls, even within range of my home wifi. Seeing these reports, in combination with the fact that as an AT&T customer I may be forced to find a new phone anyways, now sooner than later now that I cannot use the device as a phone. I’m contemplating trying to take it back to previous version, but with the other imminent concern I’m getting back into the market. I am totally open to suggestions and will be lurking in this thread for any updates.

Edit: This screenshot was with wifi turned off and everything stock, and mainly to document what shows up in wifi analyzer, hoping it may help the devs. Thank you!

Hi all - Devs are checking this issue as a high priority. Will report back soon.


Hi my wife and I have had more than a few missed text messages. I suspect it’s android 10 auto shutting down apps to save battery. I discovered as this phone uses duraspeed. To allow apps to run in the background need to go to Settings then duraspeed then select the apps you want to run in the background. I am testing Messenger and my sms app by allowing them to run in background.

I have also missed a few phonecalls when my phone is on wifi my cell strength is zero and am wondering if that is also a cause for the text messages and phone calls?

I am hoping the duraspeed will fix my sms issue but don’t think that will solve the zero cell signal while on wifi.

Thank you for your time.

Ps if you have an app that needs to run in the background battery is not where to go even if that the solution provided by the app as it was by mine. duraspeed is where you need to go.

I’ll weigh in here, albeit late…Mine is reporting -109dBm 29 asu like the others, but agree with Sharad that “the signal bars themselves are just visual representations.” 2 examples come to mind…Win10 reports that my Bluetooth earbuds are 80% charged after a week in their charging station. My metal detector gives a visual representation of what it thinks it senses, but the audio response is the clear tell. (Always go with the audio!) I think that we rely on “machines” being incapable of mistakes, but will see what the lab guys come up with. AFAIK, I have not had any dropped calls or missed messages ie. degradation


Hi all well there is definitely a signal issue as almost all my phone calls have been dropping (lost calls) while on the phone. Doesn’t matter if on my wifi at home where my cell signal (signal shows non existent) or in a high signal area (not on wifi) where the signal seems to bounce from strong to weak from 4gLTE to 3g to no signal then back. As I mostly text and email it not the end for me, but being cut off from doctor appointment 3 times in 15min is not good. I have done many many restarts and some trouble shooting but I suspect it’s the OS.

Am with Rogers Canada

Sorry about that. We have found the issue and should have the fixed build out either this week or early next week.


That’s awesome! Most large carrier would take months to a year or even never!

Thank you!

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Glad to hear the issue was identified. Looking forward to the fix.


Could few of you brave souls try out the new 10.0.1 update? This should fix the following:

  1. Cellular signal issue
  2. Suggestions in settings app should be dismissible now.
  3. Double tap to sleep works now.

Same steps to install. Download to phone and use Settings > System > Teracube updater > Local update


I will as using spare t2e

Installed the update. Was able to dismiss the settings suggestions. Double tap to sleep is working. Visually the signal bars are back to what I was use to seeing before the last update. Looking at the slim slot status in settings my dBm is roughly 8 better on average than before as well. I will keep an eye on cellular performance and sms issues over the coming days.

Thanks for getting this pushed out.


A/B testing with my wife’s phone shows no change.

Same for my test Teracube.

I concur and mirror your results.

Ok so signal is sort of holding but just barely.

The screen shot that shows -97 is son’s phone on Android 9. His can bounce to -110 at times.

Mine is the latest download bouncing all the way to -123. It is at least staying connected enough to get texts (we are in the same room doing the test)

Mine often drops to 3g still at -110 to -115.

So it is a little bit better than the previous update. Haven’t had a long phone call so can’t say.

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The new fix pretty much restores the signal handling to what it was in Android 9. Could you continue using the new update for few days and then compare again.


That I will do. This is my daily driver normally so back to using it full time. :+1:

@Sharad ok it is definitely holding not to bad a signal even in a concrete building. I figure it is about the same as android 9 on the T1

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