CGM compatibility

Any chance of getting the Teracube vetted for use with Dexcom CGMs?

Have you already tried using it with Teracube? As per their compatibility page, Teracube should be compatible as it has Android 9.0.

A message comes up saying it has not been tested with this version of Android/device.

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Does it allow use the app after the message? We have reached out to Dexcom about this.

On the same note, have you tried the Xdrip+ app? It seems some users use that over the default Dexcom app (my comments are purely based on below forum discussions and should not be used for any medical advice)

Xdrip+ info


It does not. My options are to close the app or follow the hyperlink to their list of approved devices. I’d rather stick with theirs because it syncs to my endocrinologist’s office.