Charger for extra battery?

Assuming there’s nothing official, has anyone had luck externally charging the battery?

Now that I have an extra, it would be great to just swap it out with a fresh one and then charge the other separately.

I had tried the one mentioned here - just as an experiment. It kind of worked but seemed like the pins would have to be rearranged every time.

Hi, did you find a battery charger that worked for you? Please let us know if you did!

Yeah I’m actually using the one linked above. Seems to work fine.

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I bought it also, and it works very well though it’s not fast. If you only have one battery, which I did for a few days, it will charge overnight (6-7 hours?) from about 40%

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I just want to confirm that I’ve also tried this charger and it’s working great.

I love having a phone with a swappable battery. I managed to zap the charging port on my Teracube 2e (embarrassing story) and instead of having to throw the phone in the trash, I ordered this charger and a spare battery, and it’s working great.

Also I just saw that there’s a replacement USB-C board available now so maybe I can even replace it to fix the charging port some day? I’ll have to learn more about that. Teracube 2e Replacement USB-C Board

Anyway thanks to Teracube for making a repairable phone, you’re doing a great job!