Chat features unavailable for this device

My girlfriend and I both have Tercube phones running basically the same apps.

When we first opened the phones and set up all our contacts, Google messages prompted both of us to set up Chat so we could message over WiFi.

Over the last couple of days, I’ve noticed the chat box that pops up in the bottom corner says MMS and doesn’t show Chat, even when connected to WiFi. Trying to enable it in the settings gives the screen saying Chat features unavailable for this device.

I checked my girlfriend’s phone and she still has it enabled and connected.

Could you troubleshoot using this article and share ur findings:

I had already done all the steps to troubleshoot the issue.

What has worked is that I opted to join the beta for the Google messages app. After I downloaded the update to the beta version of the app, the chat features were enabled again.

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Glad to know it is working now. My guess is that RCS features (Chat etc) are still relatively new from Google and will keep getting improvements.