Compatibility Changes (Ting)

I’ve been using Ting with the 2e, and just started having problems with connectivity within the last few days. Things like calls taking a while to go through & then dropping, and randomly dropping to 1 bar of 3G or even just 1G. When I chatted with customer support the gist of what they told me ended up being that the network upgrades are rendering the network no longer compatible with 2e. Has anyone else been having surprise connectivity problems? I don’t want to switch another officially listed network just for it to have the same problems that Ting’s having now.

I’m with Ting as well and haven’t experienced these issues yet, but I’ll be on the lookout for them. I saw a video from Rob Braxman yesterday and found out that Teracube isn’t the only one with similar issues. Some Motorola and One Plus phone are having the same issues (those are just the ones he mentioned) and they’re only a year or two old. The gist of the video is that all carriers are moving channels around so they can implement their “fake 5G” to give better speeds until the real 5G is fully released in a few years. I’ll try to find the video again and post a link here.

Edit: here’s the link.

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Honestly their explanation didn’t make that much sense. They said something about them using Band 12 a lot as part of the explanation, but when I checked the supported bands post 12 was listed.

mmoretz, Outstanding find in presentation and information. I like Rob Braxman for his direct speak and NON dufus-hipster jargon that we all get from the various sources he mentions. Thank you for this find and posting it.

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Update: Decided to try restarting my device to see what would happen, and my network connection’s been stable since.