Compatible water resistant full shell cases T2E

Good Morning All,

Any plans to send T2E specs to third-party case manufactures (like Supcase, Poetic) to see if they can develop a fully enclosed case with built in screen protector? Thanks.


We do not have such plans as of now. Most of case manufacturers would have high MoQs which might be difficult to justify.

Curious though - do you think a fully enclosed case would provide more protection than the included case + a glass screen protector (coming soon) ? Would love to hear more on that.

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Given my current problem with the earlier Teracube model, I would gladly spend more money for some sort of “Otterbox” variant.

It wouldn’t need to be waterproof to my liking, though I do feel extremely nervous taking this Teracube outside, at least without it being in some ziploc bag…

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Hi Sharad,

The tempered glass I have on my T1 does a great job. I don’t use my T1 as a daily driver, but as a backup for my Pixel. I like the idea of a full clamshell case because it adds so much more drop/water protection. I haven’t gotten to play with my T2E yet as it has not arrived.

That’s just my two cents.

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Thanks for your feedback. Could you provide 1-2 links to the cases that have provided good protection, are comfortable to use and have some sort of water resistance as well.

1 Like This is one I use daily. They make cases for lots of brands.

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Thanks. Few questions:

  1. I don’t see any holes for the speakers - doesn’t sound become an issue?
  2. The screen protector is plastic or glass?

The bottom of the screen protector has a cut out for the speaker that is front firing.
The screen protector is plastic.