Connection with DJI Mini 2 quadcopter

I just bought a DJI Mini 2 quadcopter. The remote controller for it is made to connect to a smartphone via the USB-C port. This allows use of an app that provides expanded functionality for the drone. The cables are properly connected between my 2e and the controller but it isn’t connecting. So thought I’d take a shot and see if any other 2e users are using their phones with DJI drones.
I’ve looked at developer options on the 2e and have usb debugging turned of and Default USB Configuration set to No Data transfer. I tried each of the other modes and didn’t see a change. Problem may well be in the app, but I’m trying to eliminate anything I can. Thanks

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Are you using Android or /e/OS for this?

Have you verified that the cable works properly as a data cable and isn’t charge-only?

Thanks for the reply. I’m still using the android 10 the 2e shipped with. As to the data cable, not sure how to go about finding out if it is good, other than buying a stock cable from Best Buy or the like.
I’ve focused so far on trying to make sure the phone’s settings were correct, but haven’t found anything on the DJI forums that said what those need to be.
It seems logical to me that data transfer would need to happen for the app to communicate with the remote, but if so, which type - file, ptp, midi, USB tethering? Maybe I’m headed in the wrong direction. I’d appreciate your opinion .

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It’d almost certainly need to be File Transfer mode.

As for how to verify, you’d need to hook up your phone to a computer or other device, put it into File Transfer mode and verify that the data transfer works.

Some cables are charge-only, with the data lines disconnected.

Thank you. I’ve enabled file transfer but it didn’t change anything as far as connecting. Time to look at the cable.

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