Considering a purchase, have some concerns

I recently stumbled on the Teracube2e while looking at Murena phones. I went to the Teracube site to see if I could get it cheaper, and I can save a whole 30 dollars by simply flashing e OS myself. My concern is all this talk of batches. Will I get a second batch model if I purchase a new phone?

In addition, with all this talk of repairability, how easy is it to get replacement parts? I loved the idea of the Fairphone but they’re ‘too good’ to ship to us Americans, so I was excited to see an alternative across the pond.

Lastly, are there any sales I should hold out for? Not that I want to sound cheap, but I’m invested in another ecosystem (in my case iOS, which I’m pulling away from now that they’re becoming another Ad company), and it’s hard to come up with extra cash that I can justify spending on an additional phone. I know I could spend half as much on an old Pixel and de-Google that, but I would simultaneously like to support a more consumer friendly business model since I’m making an effort to pry myself away from corporate greed as it stands.

Thank you.

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Yes, you should receive a newer, 2021 Serial “Emerald” device from us, as well as Murena, or other authorized distributors.

I can’t say for certain as I’ve yet to purchase any, but we have our Store here where you can get parts/accessories:

Ahh… That I don’t know, but hopefully we find out soon :slight_smile: