Cricket network

Any time frame as to when I can use this phone on cricket network or return it for a refund?

Thanks Dennis

I’m assuming you are referring in context of Teracube 2e. We will be posting updates on the below thread. The current estimate to get the certification is about 5-7 weeks.

The question I have is, are you certain about getting the certification(in the 7 weeks) or is it in limbo?
If you do not get the certification are we able to return the phone for a refund, because it will be past return policy.
Also are the 2e phones compatible with Hd voice because that is what cricket will change into next year.
I have the first Teracube , asking for family member who got the 2e.

I forgot about the HD voice thanks for asking about that

What happens for those of us users on Cricket’s network if the certification does not come through? When does this 5-7 week period start - on Jan 19th or today? Will I have the option to return for a full refund if I cannot activate it?

This should answer your query


I got my 2e today but I am on cricket so sadly I will have to wait to try it out


Same. I really just wanna use my phone d

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I’m in the same boat. Got my phone a week ago and can’t use since I’m on cricket. It’s bs that it will work on at&t bit not cricket which is owned by at&t.

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Any update?

The AT&T lab tested our latest build this week. There are 2 emergency alerts that are still not passing - AT&T is very strict about them (rightly so). The team is working on the fixes.


Thanks for letting us know the specifics on that. Do you have eyes on whether or not the TeraCube_One ROM exhibits the same trouble (to get it knocked out prior to certification testing even begins)?

For now, the 2e ODM is preparing the code patch for us. Once we get access to that, we will try applying it to the T1 code base as well.

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Have we made any progress on connecting to Cricket?

Closing this case to avoid duplicate posts. Please follow the updates on the below thread for 2e: