Cricket network

Any time frame as to when I can use this phone on cricket network or return it for a refund?

Thanks Dennis

I’m assuming you are referring in context of Teracube 2e. We will be posting updates on the below thread. The current estimate to get the certification is about 5-7 weeks.

The question I have is, are you certain about getting the certification(in the 7 weeks) or is it in limbo?
If you do not get the certification are we able to return the phone for a refund, because it will be past return policy.
Also are the 2e phones compatible with Hd voice because that is what cricket will change into next year.
I have the first Teracube , asking for family member who got the 2e.

I forgot about the HD voice thanks for asking about that

What happens for those of us users on Cricket’s network if the certification does not come through? When does this 5-7 week period start - on Jan 19th or today? Will I have the option to return for a full refund if I cannot activate it?

This should answer your query


I got my 2e today but I am on cricket so sadly I will have to wait to try it out

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Same. I really just wanna use my phone d