Current phone case does no last - 3D case file

Just to avoid confusion - the case is not covered as part of warranty. That said - the support team should be able to help you on where to purchase it from if available.

I’ll look into that and report back.

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About 7 month.

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Any update on the CAD files for the case?

Apologies for the delay. Here is the link to the file.


My case has fallen apart in under 18 months. I can’t find any alternatives via Amazon or eBay. Has anyone found a better alternative? Thanks…

Hi @peterforint - there may not be any 3rd party cases out there. We have the Green and Black case in stock on our website.

Thanks for the reply. Has the material quality improved? It’s disappointing to have a “biodegradable” case that needs replacing two or three times over the four-year guaranteed phone life…

The new black case is slightly better than the original case. Our cases would be on par with other cases in the market - maybe others don’t get tested for so long that much :).

Let’s see…

I have the same issues as the original post. I am considering buying one of the updated cases.

@peterforint What is your review of the new case so far?


Six weeks in and case is holding up fine. The formulation is different, as the large tan speckles are no longer present. The “feel” is similar, so let’s see how long this one lasts.

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I bought one as well and just received today. Compared to the 1st gen 2e case (with flecks), it fits very well, as a phone case should. No more phone sliding around within the case.

@Sharad, is the original 2e case backyard compostable?


Nope - it needs commercial composting (usually that goes in the compost bin of your waste management services).

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Here’s mine.

Given that the grey and black cases have been out of stock for over a month now, and they aren’t really available from third parties, when do you anticipate the stock issue being resolved? I’ve got one of the older cases that is also falling apart and haven’t been able to order a replacement for quite a while now.

Hi @Ryan1 - we no longer sell the original gray case. The new Black and Green cases have worldwide inventory - use this direct link.

When do you expect more stock? I need a new case and the link shows no available inventory.

Back in stock now. (backend issue fixed)

The revised 2e case was delivered yesterday and it’s living up to its promise thus far. It feels different from the original speckled case and does fit snugly as described by others. Hopefully it holds up better than the original.

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