Custom Wallpaper not centered after restarting

Hi all I have searched the topics and can’t find a posting here so maybe I ment to post before hate being sick mind gets mushy

So my wallpaper is a custom picture but when I restart my phone it is no longer centered across all the windows with my icons and I need to go back into wallpaper and re load it as my wallpaper from my pictures folder so it will be centered again. It’s only a minor issue only wondering if others having this problem?

Hi, I haven’t come across that issue on my Teracube and the test phone. May I ask what resolution is your wallpaper?

Also, are you using the default launcher or are you using a 3rd party one (like myself)?

I have never left it be before always went and recentered it. It must be a start up thing. As for resolution it would have been approx 12mp from my pixel XL. I just left it this time and it has recentered itself. I am now assuming due to the large size it takes longer to load properly. Sorry to have bothered you guys.

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No worries at all! Infact we want to thank you for helping out on the forums. :+1:

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