Customer service - awful

I dropped my phone the last week or two of May. Yes, this is my fault. No way to get around that. The screen came loose, so I wanted to repair it. They didn’t update their shop page, so it took well over a week to figure out why my part hadn’t shipped, and to get it switched to a new phone replacement. It has taken SIX WEEKS to finally get not a replacement, but simply a tracking number for the replacement. In those six weeks I have been ignored, lied to, run around, my issues with replacing through UPS gone unsolved. I don’t know how Teracube expects to survive with such terrible customer service.

Hi @astrophelle - I will apologize on behalf of the Teracube team. One of our agents accidentally marked the ticket as shipped without actually shipping it. You are correct - we got to do better if we want to build something bigger. The team is discussing internally what we can do to avoid such mistakes.

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What would have been great would be “I realized when looking for the tracking number for your order that it had not actually been shipped. I will get this fixed by (insert the amount of time necessary to get the phone in the mail).” Just one quick email. Meanwhile I’ve been phone-less for 8 weeks, all told. It’s caused more than a few problems. And please check and see what’s going on with the UPS system. That was absolutely brutal trying (and failing) to get the switch done there. Like, actually go and do it as a customer, to try and swap out a phone. Whatever “fix” was done the first go around didn’t work, and I couldn’t afford to do more trips out to what was definitely not the closest UPS store.

And when a customer repeatedly tries to communicate with you, answer them. Facebook messenger, company website (by that I mean here), support ticket, direct email with CS, phone appointments, calling in to CS, something should be working, right? Except it’s been weeks. Don’t avoid the customer, because that NEVER makes the situation better. If I have to hold the company’s hand to get them to get me the product I ordered, like I’m having to do now, I want more than being ignored. Getting a tracking number is nice and all, but if I’m staring for days at a notification that my product, after 8 weeks of a mind-numbing, awful experience, it doesn’t exactly restore faith that the company is going to do the right thing. If anybody else is reading this, check out these dates. Note I started the replacement process June 2nd (my mistake on the May thing, I dropped the phone in May, didn’t get to ordering a replacement screen until June, apparently).

It seems to be going around.

I dropped my phone on Sunday, and since the initial canned response on Monday, I’ve not received any further outreach from Teracube Support.

A non-functional phone is about as critical and high priority an issue as I can think of, and I’ve gotten no escalation or assistance… I’ve tried calling multiple times and never get through to anyone. I left a voice message, I’ve emailed back a few times, I’ve used the contact feature on the website.

I’ve heard nothing back…

I’ve been going through this for over two months now. I did get a replacement eventually, but that’s not working properly. So I need a replacement for the replacement. It’s gone a bit faster this time, but still… WHY??? Hiring new people or retraining (or maybe just training in the first place) would be a really good idea.

I also had a myriad of issues with the brand new replacement from the moment it was delivered.

Screen not responding during calls, I’ve seen maybe half a dozen different threads on the forums here, tried every thing on those threads, none of them worked, was ghosted mid chat with support.

The camera on this phone is somehow worse than my original, and the image quality on my original was pretty bad. This was worse. The camera app just flat out will not focus, holding for focus does nothing, taping on an object to let it auto focus does nothing. Words cannot describe how abysmal the image quality is. It’s foggy-glass/steamy-mirrors levels of out of focus, and no way to get it to even try to focus.

Swiping from lock screen doesn’t seem to work right, expanding any notifications seems to snap back every time, swiping up to bring the pattern pad works maybe 20% of the time.

Audio distortion/modulation from the speakers would come and go.

I’ve finally given up on this experiment and requested a refund on the replacement and will be sending that back. I just ordered the Nothing Phone 1 over the weekend and will be sending this dud back when that arrives.