Decals, Cases, Et Cetera?

Just got my spiffy new Teracube 1 phone. My practice with a new cell phone is to buy a cool neoprene case for it and choose a decal for the back. Although TeraCube is not listed in my preferred case vendor’s list of phones, an LG V20 case appears to fit it perfectly with screen protector and clear back protector installed.

Alas, does not list TeraCube in their list of phone brands. I am sure that one or more standard phones have backs which are close enough to the TeraCube’s that I could get a skin for them which would fit. Does anyone have experience or suggestions for this trouble?

Hi @lemgandi - welcome and thanks for buying a Teracube.

This is interesting. LG V20’s specs show its width to be 78mm while Teracube is 75.3mm. Are you sure the case is fitting tight or is it loose?

Closes phone we have found is Mi 8 lite. There might be others as well though.

Heh! Thanks for the reply! The case is made of neoprene, more like a pouch than a case. So it has a pretty wide tolerance. I ordered another one just for my new phone and added 3 mm on every side to make sure it fits.

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