Developer Boot Mode in Chinese

Developer Boot mode in Chinise Help!!

You can restart the phone by keeping the power button pressed or removing the battery.

Yes sir got ot out but wonder of when it went into that mode something got turned on or turned off on regards to the battery Safe mode has halted the discharge while charging.

Yeah - that mode is a test mode installed by Mediatek for testing on the production line. Has spooked few users for sure :slight_smile:.

Ok so has little do to do with battery

Next test will be mobile charging definitely something not right. Started not charging after sitting a few days. I have slowed the discharge?

I unplugged it as that didn’t seem to be getting anywhere I will produce a video in a few days in the mean time what is the procedure to send it in if needed?

Just send us an email at to get the ball rolling.

Will do let me try everything