Difficult to get any coomunication from Teracube so far

I ordered my husband and I Teracube 2e phones last Friday, standard 5-8 business days, but no notifications from email or text that anything has been shipped (Thursday). I have tried emailing and calling - no response for 3 days. Is this common for support to be so slow?

Sorry for the typos, I’m currently trying to settle my newborn.

Hi @RandT - I think I replied to you in other threads. Your order is on its way and you should be getting the phones soon. We did have a slight hiccup last week that caused a surge in our ticket load.

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I haven’t been able to get any communication for well over a week now, and even before that, it took two weeks to get ahold of someone to try to fix my botched (not by me) order. My experience with my 2e as a device was great. I’m not much of one to be taking pictures with my phone’s camera, so the average camera is fine. But their customer service is some of the slowest and non-responsive of any company I’ve had to deal with. Good luck with the new baby!

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