Difficulty Charging and Rapid Discharge

Battery Rapidly Discharges when connected to Any USB A to C charger with any Standard OEM or Aftermarket Cable. Will Charge to 90%. Only after draining to less then 30% help!!!

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Could you please check if a reboot fixes the issue. Also please try Safe mode (search in forums will give you a how-to).

If the issue is still not fixed, could you take a video and PM it to me.

Will try give me a day or two work schedule sux

Safe mode halts Discharge but phone still does not like any of the Moto OEM stuff

Dose not like older Samsung power supply Cable Unknown oem

This is strange behavior. Just to confirm - you have tried 2 different cables and few different USB-A chargers?

My battery dies overnight even having been fully charged less than 24 hours before and not used at all, strangely if I have wifi on it lasts a couple of days. I have now changed the charging setting to 90% which doesn’t seem to make much difference. I don’t use the phone much because of this, sticking to my Nokia 8.1 which lasts all day even with constant use

Could you please boot into Safe mode and try. Also please install Acubattery app, set it up and share your screenshots as in the below thread.

Thanks Sharad, I have booted into safe mode & cleared the cache, no difference. Installed Acubattery on my Teracube 2e & on my Nokia 8.1after your post. After 2 charges of each phone the Te2 says battery at 72% 31h 38m part usage; 8h 23m full usage; 33h 6m no usage. Deep sleep is 0%. The same Nokia figures are 27h 16m; 6h 23m; 65h 42m. The battery size shown for the T2e is 4000 mah, the Nokia 3500 mah

The standby consumption for your 2e is higher than expected (expected around 1-1.2%). If the issue is persisting, then please do a factory reset and try again.

I tried resetting mine maybe should try and use another image?


Hi Sharad,

One thing I noticed is that the Nokia was in deep sleep for 6h 45m or 92% of screen off time but the 2e was in deep sleep 0m or 0% of screen off time. Does the 2e have deep sleep time, or does this need to be turned on in settings? Maybe this is what’s causing the issue. It doesn’t explain how having WiFi on extends battery life. I left WiFi on after the last charge at 15:41 on the 23rd & the battery is still on 51% now. Yet when I turned WiFi off after charging to 90% the day before, the phone was dead next morning. Maybe I’ll try a factory reset tomorrow & see if it makes a difference.

Thanks for the quick response, you guys are a breath of fresh air compared to the big so called “premium” brands