Disney+ and Netflix not showing up in Google Playstore

Google Playstore does not show me Disney+ and Netflix on my 2e. I have unlocked the boot loader and installed root access. So is this reason perhaps?

Correct. Unlocking the bootloader trips Google’s Safety Net which these (and some other) apps require.

If your device becomes uncertified by using a beta update, rooting your phone, unlocking the bootloader, or other such methods, then many apps and features will stop working. There are a variety of methods for trying to recertify the phone despite these but in general one should decide between what’s more important - full access to store apps or full access to the filesystem.

As mentioned, it’s possible to pass the certification test and have access to these despite the bootloader/root issues, but it’s generally more effort than most want to expend and of course liable to break at any time.