Disney+ and Netflix not showing up in Google Playstore

Google Playstore does not show me Disney+ and Netflix on my 2e. I have unlocked the boot loader and installed root access. So is this reason perhaps?

Correct. Unlocking the bootloader trips Google’s Safety Net which these (and some other) apps require.

If your device becomes uncertified by using a beta update, rooting your phone, unlocking the bootloader, or other such methods, then many apps and features will stop working. There are a variety of methods for trying to recertify the phone despite these but in general one should decide between what’s more important - full access to store apps or full access to the filesystem.

As mentioned, it’s possible to pass the certification test and have access to these despite the bootloader/root issues, but it’s generally more effort than most want to expend and of course liable to break at any time.

Yes, I now know that it was a bad idea to unlock and root my 2e. I just noticed that a for me very important app for public transport ticketing does not start because of “jailbraking” my phone. Just wondering if just locking the bootloader again will get this app (and Netflix/Disney+?) working again? But this would also wipe my phone so I think I will have to just start over again. Can someone show me the correct way to get my 2e back to the “original state” again?

To get back to clean, hopefully you can just do a factory reset. Since you rooted, you’re probably have TWRP as your recovery rather than the default, which means you can’t reflash official firmware due to TWRP (currently) changing the device type. So try not to wipe system or you’ll probably have either a brick or something that can only use Lineage or other non-official builds that also won’t be Certified and let you use the programs.

Basic steps off the top of my head:
Set your boot from pattern/pin/password to swipe to disable device encryption
Reboot to TWRP
Wipe data
Factory Reset
Reboot to System

If that isn’t enough, you might need to go into Wipe data, advanced, format data. You know you found the right one if you need to write “yes” to confirm that you really want it gone forever.

If that still doesn’t work, follow the steps for reflashing the factory image using SP Flash:

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Thanks! I did follow the Guide for reflashing and it worked flawlessly.

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I might also toss in here another potential option for working around this while retaining root: Magisk Hide is a utility that hides root and lets you - maybe - install those apps. It worked briefly for me on my previous phone which I needed to run LineageOS on just to get a newer Android OS (not even rooted). Maybe it could help here too? I seem to be a bit late with this, but maybe for another attempt later, or on a different phone for a trial, first…