Disney+ not available for Teracube

Not shown in play store app. Find it in play store website but says it’s not compatible for this device.

Grabbed a generic android9 APK of it and that wouldn’t install either.

Just hoping to cast it to my Chromecast during this stay-at-home… Casting it from chrome on my phone or desktop is pretty awful

Is your bootloader unlocked by any chance? I just tested on a regular phone (locked bootloader) and it shows up in the play store.

ps: Locking the bootloader will reset the phone.

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Yes, the bootloader is unlocked.

Oh boy, yea I’m not looking to have the phone reset, serves me right for putting that off I guess.

If your bootloader is unlocked, did you root it by any chance? If so, you should have no problem installing Disney+ from the Google App Store.

No, I was unable to get root privileges. I don’t recall where the root instructions fell apart for me, but then all the craziness happened and I entirely forgot about it.

Good to know though, thank you!

I’ll circle back and see where I went wrong on the root instructions.


Okay, finished rooting my phone, it does show as root available but I’m still not seeing Disney+ in the play store.

Disregard, I was able to install it from the play store website to the phone, and after restarting my phone I could see it in the play-store app as well.

Thanks for the suggestion Anthony!


Yay!! Glad to hear you got it resolved!! :smiley: