Display seems "shifted" up

Maybe I’ve never noticed it before, but the display on my 2e seems like it is shifted up.

I don’t remember the upper notification icons being as close to the edge as they appear to be now, and there is a “gap” between the bottom of the wallpaper and the bezel of the phone.

Is this normal?

I can at least point out that the display isn’t bezel-less (thank god - that was a selling point for me, I hate trying to reach the bottom of a bezel-less display to swipe-up and escape full-screen apps that hide the nav bar). So the gap at the bottom is probably fine.

Checking my phone just now, it looks like the top is similarly placed. Seems high, but I enable “hide notch” option in settings to give me a blackened status bar that gives better framing to the bar.

Thanks. After posting this, I looked up images on the web and all the 2e’s I saw looked similar. Not sure why it never stood out to me before.

Just seems a bit wonky. :man_shrugging:

if you set the display to a certain size it does move upwards for some reason but im not sure why. the smaller you set it to the higher it seems to go id love to use it on small setting but it cuts off the top of some of the icons. so it is stuck at medium