Display the date on the lock screen

I often turn on the phone without unlocking it, just to see what time it is, or more rarely, to see the current date.

I just couldn’t find the current date on the lock screen, no matter how much I swiped. It’s not on the default screen (where it’s usually placed right under the current time, on other phones), and it’s not in the notification bar. Interestingly enough, it is in the notification bar, but only if the phone is unlocked. Even more interestingly, I noticed that if I have many notifications on the lock screen, expanding the notifications drawer only opens it in the “short state”, in which case, the date is displayed.

In any case, can we please have the date in plain sight on the lock screen? Thanks. :slight_smile:

We will look into adding date on the Android lock screen (usually difficult due to security constraints as far as I understand).

There are many widgets available for your homescreen/desktop. Just search on Google play store. Almost all weather, date, time widgets should show date in some configuration.

Maybe other folks can share what they are using on their homescreen.

Hmm… I sure hope adding the date to the lock screen doesn’t have any security implications. I mean, the time is already displayed, and they both come from the same source: the kernel’s clock, which stores seconds from the Epoch. But, then again, I’m not familiar with the lock screen internals.

As a further data point, I just rebooted the phone and was surprised to see the date displayed on the lock screen, right where I was expecting it (under the time). After entering the required PIN and locking the phone back again, it’s gone, once more. So I suspect this might be some lock screen configuration issue, since the information seems to be there.

In any case, thanks for looking into this.

My Samsung Galaxy S9+ has settings for the lock screen, to include date and time, access to special apps like camera, changing the lock screen wallpaper, etc

It also has an “Always On Display” option, but that is similar to the screensaver plus notifications.

It would be nice for us to be able to change our lockscreen, including choosing whether to have camera and voice input buttons shown or not.(Teracube currently shows these on lockscreen)