Do any of the roms have working wifi calling yet? when are new updates coming?

about to give up on ever getting updates for the 2e. we cant use it any longer as a daily phone as work requires current security updates and not going to carry 2 phones. with android 12 out and coming stock on many phones this stuck on 10 and not getting any current google security fixes im nearing the end of the journey with the 2e. i require wifi calling so i cant use any of the roms available as there is pretty much zero cell service in many places around here but those have wifi. at one of the offices we do work for is a perfect example. we went in for 4 of these thinking it would be kept current and sadly nothing has happened. overall disappointing i had high hopes and was even considering the investment for the cases people wanted but there just is not enough people using the 2e to justify doing that.

when will we be getting any updates if any at all??

Hey @mastershake. What OS and cellular service are you using? Apparently, Voice over WiFi (“WiFi Calling”) functionality generally works with the stock OS that ships with the T2e on the T-Mobile network but will not work on the AT&T network because AT&T blocks this functionality.

There’s a discussion going on here that may be of interest.


im with tmobile and wifi calling works perfectly fine now with the stock rom. there are no issues with it at least in this area

just to give another data point: with both T-Mobile USA and Vodafone IT, Wi-Fi Calling does not work with the stock Teracube Android 10. hope that this helps.