Dreaded outlook gets notifications but doesn't sync problem

Love my Terracube 2e so far. Has anyone had issues getting outlook new e-mail notifications but not getting the e-mails in outlook? This seems to be a long documented issue with outlook, but I’ve done all the different remediation’s and am still having issues getting e-mails. Anyone else experience this?


If you figure it out, let us know. I have a different issue, but it’s across two phones (I also have a Pixel 3a XL, long story) so I don’t think it’s a Teracube 2e problem. I can delete emails and empty junk mail on both phones, but it always comes back until I log into a PC or Mac and delete it through a browser.

@MarVellJones I am getting outlook e-mails now and my notifications are working, for the most part. I don’t get RING notifications no matter how I configure it, but outlook yes, gmail yes so I feel good about it. Things I’ve done to get notifications working:

  • Clean device reset not bringing any settings/applications from the cloud.
  • Make sure you aren’t using duraspeed, that ruined notifications on my device.
  • In Apps->Outlook
    • Notifications, make sure they are all on.
    • Permissions, give it all the permissions it wants
    • Mobile data & WI-FI, make sure Background data is turned on AND you aren’t consistently using data saver.
    • Battery Optimization, Not optimized.

In some cases, you may need to go to settings, clear cache, clear data, and delete the app, reboot, reinstall the app, reboot, add back your accounts.


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