Dual SIM - outgoing call not working

I have the exact same issue: Since I use the phone with two SIM cards, the new Vodafone Germany White Label card is most of the time not reachable (not ringing, no notification SMS about missed calls) and cannot place calls (seems to dial for several seconds and then just stops after a timeout while there is no ringjng on the other side). This is very frustrating, as the same is true for my partner with her Teracube 2e and card from the same carrier. One time reboot worked for her, but now we are both affe ted and also the app data and cache clearing together with a reboot does not work.

It seems as if it works again after disabling the other SIM card and then enabling and disabling flight mode. But this issue is very tricky as the SIM card always looks to be working and even can receive SMS about the missed calls, but it is not ringing and sometimes even the SMS notification of the missed calls are missing - so you are not reachable and have no chance to get to know it until someone finally writes you an email… Just wondering if others have the same issue or if this is a phone carrier or SIM card problem…?

Hi @MoBil - welcome to Teracube forums. Could you please try/share feedback on these:

  1. Does this SIM card continue to work by itself as the only SIM in the phone?
  2. What is your other SIM card? Does it work fine in single SIM setup or Dual SIM?
  3. Do you have any other SIM that you can pair with the working SIM card to check if the Dual SIM setup is working?

Hi @Sharad thank you for the quick reply.
As I have not had much spare time and it seemed to work for a while, I did not check 1) yet, but I will try that next time.
Right now I just like to make sure that it is not a general cell phone net error in the local Vodafone/D2 net here, because today it failed for the two of us again, but there is also an outage in the network.
2. The other card is a Telekom/D1 card and was always working the complete time, so I did not see a point in trying it without the other, however in one ohone I switched sim slots after the first outage and also restarted and deleted the cache and app data of the Phone app without success.
3. I do not have other cards to pair, but the ither ohone has two SIM cards in the Vodafone/D2 net, from different resellers that might habe had the same issue, but I will check that next time the login or calls fail.

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Today it stopped working again, and again (or still!) there is an outage in the cell phone net provider. It is crazy, but it seems that even those bigger providers are still not able to cope with the higher demand and usage of their networks nowadays. So I believe more and more that this is not related to the Teracube smartphone itself…

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Thanks for the update. Keep us posted if you need us to diagnose this issue in future.