Dust caught in carved-out gap between screen protector and sensor/LED

Within 4 days with the Teracube 2e 2022 version, dust was caught between the screen protector and the sensor/LED, with the preinstalled case and screen protector. Around this time, the sensor/LED windows got visibly dusty and the display started having trouble turning on when in a call.

As it turns out, there is a small gap carved out between the screen protector and the sensor/LED, leaving the protector cantilevered above sensor/LED. (There is no gap above the display.) It’s my belief that dust entered this little “pocket” and partially covered the sensor/LED. (The screen protector is also thinner above the selfie camera, but that circular gap is completely surrounded by adhesive so dust never entered.)

The windows for the sensor and LED are visible from underneath the screen protector.

With the screen protector removed, it is more apparent that the screen protector is thinner above the sensor/LED and does not adhere directly to the phone’s glass surface.

Other screen protectors I have used either completely cover the sensor/LED with a transparent layer, or leave them uncovered. These designs have no “pocket” for dust to get caught.

I intend to try some screen protector cleaning advice from this forum here, but I would prefer to not have to clean under the screen protector every week or find an alternative online.

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