E.email account

I have an e.email account on my Teracube II that I can neither delete nor log on to. And every ten minutes my Teracube notifies me that authentication failed. I know this may be with Murena now, but I can’t log on there with my laptop either.
Forgot password emails do not come to my backup email account. Can I reset my backup email account?

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Are you running /e/OS on your 2E?

This might need to be addressed with Murena support, but they should be able to help you recover it.

Yes, thank you, Saijin, my Teracube II runs /e/OS.
But I should still contact Murena support ?
Probably / stanley

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At this point, yes, I think that is best.

Once you get recovered, please let us know and we can assist you further if needed.

thank you.

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Murena suggested that I use Settings > Accounts to delete the email address that could never connect and now the “failure to authenticate” notifications have stopped coming.

I use only one email account which is evolving@runbox.com and it works perfectly on my Teracube 2e with its factory installed /e/ OS. I don’t see the need to create a backup Murena email account unless you think it is “best practice” to do that.

Thank you for guiding me. stanley

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Hmm :thinking:

You get 1GB cloud storage in Murena’s NextCloud, which supports things like CalDAV and CardDAV for calendar, contacts, tasks, notes, etc. There are a ton of other apps they include as well.

I’m debating using it more myself, but if you don’t need it, you don’t need it and you don’t really miss out on much aside from settings and app list backups for /e/OS.

Saijin and Shenol, Up to now I’ve used my Teracube /e/ only for phone and text because I’m usually at my home desk w/ Linux Mint laptop and I use its office suite w/ its Open Document Format word processor, Thunderbird and Firefox.

I suppose that if I switch to Murena/NextCloud my phone and laptop would become more like my wife’s iCloud account because my phone and laptop would synchronize.

Or maybe I could synchronize only my calendar and contacts and stay w/ my non-cloud-based Mint word processor client.

I like Mint because it’s open source, but it looks like NextCloud is also. Are e.email and murena.io different providers?

Maybe it’s time to consider some changes on my part.

Thank you both for your suggestions. stanley

ps: my privacy-oriented email provider is in Norway where Edward Snowden found that the FBI had no jurisdiction. Their lovely website is at Runbox.com.


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Nope, the naming schema just changed over time, with the Murena name being the newer one.

Thank you – clear explanation.
I sort of like the e.email account name because it references the /e/ privacy OS which I think is so important.
But I just tried it and see that, with the correct pwd, I can log in under both e.email and Murena.io.
I’m still using my long-time runbox.com account, but at least I now have an option in the background.

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