/e/ os "Apps" app crashes on 2e

Love the 2e phone so far. Ordered from e foundation with their degoogled os preinstalled. It is my daily driver phone. Service is Mint mobile in US and has signal where I needed it for a month or so.

Having problem with /e/'s “Apps” version of micro G. It crashes when I try to install an app or update existing app.

Is this /e/ os problem? The 2e or less likely, a mint mobile issue?

I’m not tech savy, but here is the background info I could find:
Debug info says 504 gateway timeout

There is a similar problem listed on github:
#3376 (comment 112886) ) microG Services Core keeps stopping

e_2e-userdebug 10 QQ3A.200805.001 eng.root.20210827.151134 dev-keys,stable-release

Short answer, yes- It is not a Teracube issue. F-Droid and Aurora Store are your friend…

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I am an /e/ user on another phone, and I agree that F-Droid and Aurora Stores are better. Still, I would definitely ask /e/ support about your problem, it’s probably a MicroG setting?