/e/OS EasyInstaller Issue

Hi Sharad,

I tried to use the easy installer to change to /e/ OS. I kept getting to the bootloader stage and the Phone just got stuck saying “FASTBOOT mode…” in the bottom left hand corner and the Easy /e/ Installer just got stuck on this for about half an hour.

I have no experience with this other than what I thought was following directions. So I was thinking maybe this wait was normail, but when I searched it, it said this stage should only take a few seconds. I abandoned this as I am afraid something irrepairable may happen to the phone. Thankfully nothing happened yet, but I would really like to deGoogle my phone. If anyone has any suggestionsI I would appreciate it.

Thank you

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Sorry for the frustration around this.

What 2e do you have? Zirconia (2020x Serial) or Emerald (2021x Serial)?

Even if things go awry using the EasyInstaller, the Manual install instructions will work perfectly fine for both units, and are how I flash devices over to /e/OS.

HI Saijin,

I have the 2021 Emerald model, I believe. I have Android 11 on it which I thought meant it had to be the newer model. But perhaps I am wrong about this also. But it stated for the Easy Installer that it shouldn’t matter which model it was.

But is it normal for the bootloader stage to take awhile? Someone else said that perhaps it could take some time.

I am a complete neophyte to this. I just want to get rid of Google without having to buy a new phone lol.

I am also reluctant to try to the manual way because there seems to be more of a risk to bricking my phone.

Thank you for any suggestions you could recommend.

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If you check the serial in Settings, it will tell you. It is also on your box, if you still have that.

It shouldn’t matter, no, but I personally have not had much success with the EasyInstaller finishing a flash on the zirconia/emerald and booting into /e/OS, so I do it manually. I have not figured out what is failing, but if I do, I’ll file a bug so they can resolve the issue.

However, it works perfectly fine on my wife’s redfin (Pixel5) and other devices so :person_shrugging:

In theory, there isn’t really a way to brick the phone because the DFU mode is pretty much impossible to break.

Do you have any friends or family that can do computer work? This is very standard/simple flashing using ADB and will not be troublesome for folks familiar with the commandline.