/e/ OS June 27 Update Installation Aborted?

Just downloaded the newest update. After download and start installation, it ends with the Recovery Screen error 21 and “Installation Aborted”. Tried several times and so it is repeatable.

Not sure what to do as “Apply Update” is a bit scary at this point. When I “Reboot system now”, I am returned to the previous version.

Looking for help on what to do next. Thanks.

I have the same problem. I am also a little nervous to click on apply update…

Looks like this is some error from /e/ OS side, or maybe the OTA download was corrupted, can you retry downloading OTA Update?

In my opinion the downloaded OTA is somehow corrupted, that’s why the error says that the OTA build footer is wrong and hence verification fails.

I have tried downloading the update several times with the same result.
I will not apply the update until I know better. I don’t want to brick phone.


I also tried redownloading the update several times… same result as @Harry, continue to get the same screen from his screenshot

@campbell @Harry Since you’ve checked the download is not corrupted on your ends, I think the error is from /e/ OS side, maybe API issues or the release zip is corrupted. Maybe @Sharad can assist you further.


I suspect this is device specific problem from e/OS.

Shared here as well.

Cool :+1:, Hope it gets resolved soon :smiley:

It’s a working phone at this point.
Updates are icing on the cake. I’m sure it can wait. :grinning:

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Bump. Problem NOT SOLVED.

This problem continues to persist. I received a new update notifying me that an October 28 2022 update is available. I downloaded and tried to install the update, and I see the same error messages. Please advise.

I had the same issue. To get from 1.0 to 1.1, I ended up doing a new /e/OS install. Was a bit of a pain, since I had to re-import all the data I wanted on the phone.
Recently noticed a 1.5 available, same problem with the OTA update. This time, I found Attempting to upgrade Terracube 2e from version 1.0 to 1.1 (2020 model) - #16 by alexis - Teracube - /e/ community
(download the 1.5 zip from e.foundation to desktop, boot the phone in recovery, apply update, then from desktop adb sideload the zip file). It worked, no data is lost using this method. Hope this is helpful.


Thanks for the info and link to instructions. I will give it a try once I work up enough courage.


UPDATE: Pasted from another thread…
Not new to Linux, but to ADB. To answer my own question, no, I did not need to unzip the OTA file. I was relieved to find that the install worked flawlessly.

I installed this file: e-1.5-q-20221028230220-stable-2e.zip, saved to my DOWNLOAD directory.
Once I got ADB started, it was downhill from there. I did have to use a USB-A to USB-C cable to get a good connection.

I observed at 47% these messages on the Teracube:
“Patching product image unconditionally…”
“Patching vendor image unconditionally…”
“Patching system image unconditionally…”

A few more messages, then it stopped. I did not see any back arrow, but I hit the power button and it rebooted to the new update, 1.5. It all looks good and I did not lose any data, nor did I have time to crack open a beer.

This may be solved now, me thinks…

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Glad it worked out. I came back to mention the 47% thing, not sure why it does that. Someone also mentioned it in a comment in the link I posted. Also, with the 1.5 update, this issue is supposed to be fixed, so the next update should work via the phone’s updater, hopefully.

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Update worked. Now at version 1.6