/e/OS update for teracube 2e 1.15-s

there is a new update of /e/OS, 1.15-s-20230913330639-stable-emerald for the teracube 2e.
Any issues?

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The last update is v1.17 and there is one issue regarding VoWiFi in validation…

The v1.15 wasn’t delivered and isn’t available anymore at the build downloads: zirconia/emerald

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thanks :+1:

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Got the numbers mixed up: that was the current version. Available version is e/OS 1.16 according to the phone. Oops I just hit the refresh and now it is 1.17.

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You may have to refresh five times in a row to see an update. That is how they stage/roll-out their updates.

Loaded /e/OS 1.2 on my T2e and it’s running beautifully.


Glad to hear it!

I am on v1.21 myself and VoLTE is back (but now VoWiFi isn’t :P).

I really like how v1.20 includes the microG Google Play licensing check, so downloading and using paid apps from your Google Account should work much better.

Hello I have the zi model of the teracube 2 and looking to install this os, when prompted to see if I have install the drivers for this model I am directed to a web page for the z model drivers but the web fails. Not sure what to do as the other model drivers page there for it. Just tired of the issues with Android 13.

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Zirconia should be EasyInstaller supported:

If not, you can follow the manual install instructions:

If you are on Windows, Windows update should fetch the needed USB driver.

Thanks will give it a try

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