/e/ OS updates?


First - let me say that I think the Teracube is pretty thoughtfully designed. I just wanted something simple and secure, that will last a long time (my last phone was a flip phone that gave me a decade of service!). Teracube seems to have the right ethos…

I have a few reflections on /e/ OS - this seems like it could be a bug.

First, a note for the Teracube team: I paid for an advance replacement to my (Android) phone because of a cracked screen, but the device I received back had eOS 0.17 on it. I suspect a lot of customers who are used to Android would be thrown off by this, and might complain. I, however, was delighted - my plan was to install LineageOS on the new device anyway. Close enough (and maybe better!).

It works quite well! There’s only one thing that’s happening that I’m unsure about. When I look at updates, there’s a list of updates from 0.17 up to the most recent 0.20. It seems I need to manually download and install. When I hit install, I see

You are about to upgrade to /e/OS 0.20 - Dec 15, 2021.

If you press OK, the device will restart itself in recovery mode to install the update.

Note: This feature requires a compatible Recovery or updates will need to be installed manually

This leads me to believe it might be a bug. It seems like I might need to manually flash the device and start fresh?

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Hi @mthomas - welcome to Teracube forums. There are few /e/ users on our forums who might reply. You might benefit by posting it in the /e/ forums as well.


Hi Thomas,
I wouldn’t worry about this warning. If you already have /e/ on your phone, than it is almost sure that you also have the needed recovery. I believe in the worst case, it will not install, so go on and update.


Hi @mthomas. I can echo/confirm @kevin here- if /e/OS is loaded, the device already has the appropriate “compatible recovery”. I am currently running /e/OS 0.20-q on the T2e. The manual update process should be seamless. FYI: you can find all the discussion of the T2e device on the /e/ forums here. Good luck and let us know how it goes.


Thanks for the reassurance @Kevin and @mcmd. Turns out that was a lot of hand wringing over nothing. It just worked! Hopefully this thread is useful for anyone else who gets confused by the same thing

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