/e/ zip for SP flash?

As explained on /e/ community, I’m very proud to use a Teracube 2e flashed with /e/ OS ROM (IMG-e-0.18-q-20210827132306-stable-2e).

But there are some issues:

  • Bluetooth media bug: no media sound in Bluetooth devices since I plugged a jack headset
  • Camera application freeze and crash (with device reboot) sometimes
  • Camera focus: fails to focus on short distances (3-5 cm). During the focus, I can see it’s optically able to do it … but it never stops at the good moment
  • Swype keyboard : I use swype feature a lot, but it’s disabled in the default keyboard. So I install AnySoft Keyboard, but it needs improvements to reach a level good enough for everyday use
  • I had to install Magisk + patch boot.img to make my banks applications to work. Not so negative, but this step may be useless if the phone wasn’t rooted
  • The robotic voice for alerts in Magic Earth. I tried it on another 2e with stock ROM and I don’t remember this ugly text-to-speech voice, I will try one more time later

So I would like to know if there’s a zip image of /e/ OS to reset my phone via SP flash ?
Maybe it will work better, avoid Magisk and allow easier OTA updates ?

@Gagan I saw you asked to be tagged about /e/ issue (I wrote a similar post on /e/ community).
Don’t hesitate to contact me for testing, I have a second unused 2e for few days.

Hope for a signed imaged here : 2e Impressions and Thoughts with /e/ OS - #21 by Sharad :smiley: