Echo on 2e while using custom GSI: I hear myself in phone calls


I’ve seen an issue where the other side hears an echo of their own voice.

In this case, it’s different : I hear my own voice in the speaker after a small delay.
It makes any conversation impossible.

I had this issue with lineage-18.1-20210411-UNOFFICIAL-treble_arm64_bvS.img.
So I installed system-roar-arm64-ab-floss.img v306 from (in v305 there was a “Fix in-call echo in some Mediatek devices”)
There was no issue at the beginning.
I applied the jack fix “setprop persist.sys.overlay.devinputjack true” (and I installed all my apps and datas).
And now the issue is back !

Any idea how to fix this ?

EDIT : I tried to revert the jack fix: “setprop persist.sys.overlay.devinputjack false” and reboot.
Immediately after the boot the issue was still present.
But after some time (more than 1h), I made another test : no issue anymore !
I’m puzzled :roll_eyes:
And of course, jack output doesn’t work :frowning:

EDIT2: there’s still an echo of my own voice if use a Bluetooth headset

Could any of the GSI users report if they have the same issue on their GSI?

I also face this issue plz tell me if there’s a fix

Hi @M.Mustafa_Ali - thanks for posting in the forums. Just to confirm - are you also experiencing the issue on a GSI? Link to the GSI will be helpful.