Editing contacts

I am trying to add a phone number to an existing contact and find almost all of the contacts in my address book are read only. Seems I have three choices for where numbers may live: “Device”, “Device”, and a google account.

Some contacts have ended up on the list twice, perhaps on multiple of the three choices. I used the AT&T app to import the contacts and messages from the old Samsung Galaxy S5 if that helps.

If I try to add a phone number to an existing contact it tells me the contact is read only.

How to I stop the read only contacts and make them changeable?
Is there some difference between “Device” and “Device”?

Ok found this online hope this helps.

I would log into your gmail account and on top left, where it says gmail, there is a drop down that lets you change to contacts. Make sure you see your contacts and then you can work on your phone without worry.

I would first ask if you changed any of the new M permissions. Something is not right and something changed.

Also, check under Google settings to see if contact sync is set up and enabled.

Worse case go into accounts and delete your Google account and re-add

Hope this helps

I think the AT&T app imported contacts as “Device”. Ideally I try to keep all my contacts synced to the Google account (personal login).

The contact could be read-only because it is linked to multiple apps (like Whatsapp, etc).

Here is an article detailing this read-only status. Could you try the suggested steps for 1-2 contacts and see if it is better. If you are able to edit the contact, see if there is a way to “move” the contact to your google account - that’s where I create all my contacts.

I as hoping to avoid being so obvious about letting The Google know who I know and keep my contacts just out of their reach. But I may have to go that route. Thank you.