End of the Experiment

Well, I gutted it out for two years but couldn’t take it any longer. I loved the idea of Teracube. I especially love the ability to swap batteries and the component nature. I just couldn’t handle the outdated tech. I toyed with the idea of knocking it back to Android 10 again to at least recover a little bit of functionality, but realized I had gotten to the point where I was actively frustrated every time I attempted to use the phone, and that’s just not healthy.

Keep trying gang, and good luck.

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I can understand Dake’s frustration. I have no problem with the phone itself and the sustainability themes. My biggest gripe is the software running the phone and the unacceptable performance by Teracube in updating both security patches and android versions. If a person intends to install a custom rom, the teracube phone is fine. However, it has proven almost impossible for Teracube’s staff to handle the software development. This is understandable because other manufacturers such as Apple, Google and Samsung have huge resources to deploy on software updates. A small company cannot compete. Teracube should recognize that it must find a solution to this problem by partnering with a company with software expertise. This probably means that a custom rom should be installed on future phones rather than stock android.

the soft devlopement is verry bad…no custom
kernel…custom roms only boot loop…
battery life verry bad…
look @pocophone f1…best support
on old device…

hi @Matrix , the custom kernels are included in custom ROMs itself, further the seperate custom kernel zips will be available soon, also are you facing bootloop on ROMs? What device do you own aka 2e SN;2020(zirconia) or 2e SN:2021 (emerald)? Also try a soft reset to improve battery life, how many hours screen-on-time do you get?


Hi @spencer_silberstein ,regarding latest updates for teracube smartphones, This is taking longer than we anticipated but the team is working on it and updates will be out soon.